What's this all about?

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! 

As you may, or may not know, I've been brüing delicious beer at home since 2018. It all started in our kitchen, but a hobby quickly turned into a full-blown obsession, and I had to get a more permanent spot for all my equipment. It didn’t take long before it started to spread from the corner, to a full room, to half of our basement. I brü as often and as many variations of beers as possible, in order to tune in my skills, develop new beers and gradually scale my Brüery up. The first goal was to raise money for the operating costs, allow me to purchase a canning machine and other goodies so that it's easier to make consistent batches, store them and most importantly share the Brüskis! Now thanks to your help, we have the canning and filling machines! (check them out on our Instagram). The DuoFiller filling machine makes it really easy to fill up the cans and avoid any air getting locked in with the beer and oxidizing it. The Cannular makes it a breeze to can up 12oz and 16oz cans, and soon I’ll even be able to can 32oz Crowlers (Can-growler). Looking into the not-so-distant future (hopefully), the next step is going to be getting into a commercial/industrial space where I could move the Brüery which would allow me to brü more beer and a lot more of you guys to visit! I envision it as a place to relax, enjoy some tasty brüskis, good conversation and great atmosphere, all while watching or playing a game, or watching me brü more beer.

I hope that with your help, we can materialize this dream sooner rather than later. Thanks for stopping by and the support! 

Happy Brüing!!!